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What answers does a classic Magic 8 Ball have?

The 20 answers inside a standard Magic 8 ball are:

10 positive answers:
– It is certain.
– It is decidedly so.
– Without a doubt.
– Yes – definitely.
– You may rely on it.
– As I see it, yes.
– Most likely.
– Outlook good.
– Yes.
– Signs point to yes.

5 neutral answers:
– Reply hazy, try again.
– Ask again later.
– Better not tell you now.
– Cannot predict now.
– Concentrate and ask again.

5 negative answers:
– Don’t count on it.
– My reply is no.
– My sources say no.
– Outlook not so good.
– Very doubtful.

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How many answers does a magic 8 ball have?

A standard Magic 8 ball has twenty answers, all inscribed on a 20-sided white plastic die. The die itself floats in a blue liquid which gives the effect of the answer slowly appearing as you look through the window.

However, the number of answers has varied throughout the history of the device. In its original version, two six-sided dice were used to provide responses. This gave a total of 12 possible answers. The first major revision saw this being reduced to a single die, giving the possibility of just six answers.

Further revisions significantly changed the design, and gave us the twenty answers we are familiar with. The standard Magic 8 ball answers are more positive than negative, as ten of the answers it gives are positive, while 5 are negative. The remaining five suggest asking later or uncertainty about the result.

A better experience

This is by design, and gives a better experience when using the 8-ball – nobody would consistently want to use it if every answer were negative. The general concept of the Magic 8 ball answers and its predecessors is as a form of entertainment, and so leaving you with a good feeling is the best way to make you want to come back for more.

Non-standard variations of the Magic 8 ball answers exist, and not all are manufacture by the same company. In these non-official variants, the number and style of answer can vary significantly.

Six answers

Twenty is a good number of answers to have as a variety of responses can be seen when asking multiple question in a row. Six answers would lead to too much repetition, so the increase is very welcome and increases the pleasure felt when using the 8-ball. This is one of the reasons that it is so much fun to use.

The limitations on the number of answers is provided by the physical dimensions of the ball itself. If the die had more sides, the face would be smaller, making it a lot harder to read. With the digital Magic 8 ball answers, this limitation is removed as the answers are not physically stored inside the device.

An appropriate answer

As long as you phrase your question correctly, the Magic 8 ball will always have an appropriate answer for you. That’s the beauty of the way that the Magic 8 ball works – it doesn’t have to know anything about you, but with twenty answers at its disposal, it seems to know everything about you.

You can easily see why it was initially marketed as a real fortune telling device, as the cleverness of the answers it gives could easily lead you to believe it has some kind of insider knowledge.

Do you wonder what the future has in store for you? Why not give the Magic 8 ball responses a try and find out for sure!