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What is ”The Magic 8-ball”

Several thousand people use the magic ball every day. Just ask a question and click the button. Show your love for magic 8-ball and give it a shot – you will definitely not regret it.

We will come to give you a lot of different suggestions on how to use this amazing tool so that you could never ever understand how you could live your life without making use of this amazing thing.

This crystal ball, as it is called by some, is an element that can be helpful when you want answers to some of the very big mysteries of life. It is such that people have a natural curiosity and anxiety after finding answers to all the great things in life.

In addition, most people, at one point or another, are in some form of conflict or discussion where one can not agree. If there is something more natural than having to let a great nice billiard ball determine the outcome of it discussion? No, right? We have it in the same way. There’s no reason for taking things like tarot cards, hand readings and what’s happening elsewhere seriously. This Magic 8 ball is the answer to all the questions you may have.

Where is it known from?

Many certainly know this mythical bullet from the television, where they have known about it at one time or another. You’ve probably seen it in a TV series or movie, where it has been shaken after asking a question, and then a response has been received. Many might even recognize this from the extremely popular TV series “Friends”, where Ross used it to find answers to one of life’s very big questions.

Og helt ærligt, hvor mange gange har man ikke bare gået rundt med et spørgsmål, hvor man virkelig gerne ville kende svaret? Derfor er du nu i den heldige situation, at du kan få alle svarerne, hvis du er klar til at ville kende dem?

Imagine the whole scenario, where you are together with other people, and you use this mysterious machine to determine outcomes of different scenarios. The answers are random and it will definitely mean that you will break into laughter many times during the time you use this 8-ball.

What can the magic ball be used for?

We have often had inquiries from people who have asked us how to use this magic ball practically practical? Because it is not because what comes from it is true. These are just a few answers that are randomly selected. You’re also right about it, but it definitely does not change the fact that this can help create a lot of fun and the mythical 8-ball can be central to creating some fun games, whether it’s for a party or for a while ordinary companies.

Vittighed med magic 8-ball

We will below come with different suggestions on how to bring some extra fun into everyday life, using our little input.

The story of the magic 8-ball

Many people always find stories about mythical things the excitement – probably because, as a human being, you tend to be drawn by the mythical and unknown. That’s why it’s not surprising that the world was taken by storm when the tales surrounding the classic Ouji Board arose.

The story that one could reach beyond, using some real development methods and a special board quickly became a hit. It was such that you could connect with the dead and make them answer a lot of questions if you just followed the instructions correctly. This became a craze that dominated much of the 20th century.

Another thing that was extremely popular and won in among the clairvoyant people was “The Magic 8-Ball”. The ball that comes first of all from the game billiard became the object that was chosen to be a clairvoyant party favorite. The story of Magic 8 Ball is actually a bit random.

Magisk 8-ball i hånden

Magic 8 Ball was developed as an advertising product, commissioned by Chicago’s Brunswick Billiards, which was a very famous company in the billiard world. Brunswick was attracted to a small Alabe Crafts product called Crystal Ball, which did not sell particularly well. The product was very special – it had such a spherical shape, but in the middle there was a bluish liquid that could come from with an answer that consisted of yes or no. The ball was very interesting to Brunswick, and they simply had to own this piece of toy’s toys, which they had quite big plans for.

It was not the original piece of toy

This ball, however, was not Alabe Crafts’ first attempt on someone’s toy’s toy, which was composed of a dark blue fluid that could give you answers. The original idea for the toy’s predecessor is credited back to a man named Alfred Carter </ strong>, whose mother was a clairvoyant. (She claimed that she could communicate with ghosts, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.) The first reproduction of the playful toy was “Syco-Seer: The Miracle Home Fortune Teller”, patented in 1944 by Carter and his brother, Abe Bookman, That helped Carter with production and distribution. Together, Bookman and Carter Alabe Crafts developed. (“Alabe” was a composition of “Alfred” and “Abe.”)

In 1946, the product developed into the more compact and cheaper to produce “Syco-Slate: The Pocket Fortune Teller.” Both of these toys were such that they had this dark blue wax inside, and through that one would be able to that one could answer.

Da det viste sig at Syco-Slate ikke var så godt, forsøgte Bookman kort at præsentere produktet med en ny krystalkugle udvendig, men det øgede ikke salget meget. Heldigvis kom Brunswick Billiards i 1950 med et forslag, der blev til et populær nyt legetøj i årtier fremover.

Magic 8 Ball contains a 20-chance funnel with 10 positive answers, 5 negative answers and 5 unclear answers like “Concentrate and Ask Again” and “The Answer Unclear, Try Again.” The answers will appear on the white part of the ball. Had it not been for a billiard enthusiast, then the world would never have seen this magic toy and what catastrophe this should not be?

Is everything the magic 8-ball tells correct?

Is Magic 8 Ball’s answer always correct? From the outside, it seems that all outcomes from this magic ball seem incredibly random and based on an RNG algorithm. But if you really want to know if these outcomes are truly random, then basically, just think that you think carefully and only ask the question once. There is a general understanding that if you put the same question to the magic 8-ball several times, it is likely that the outcome will change and you will not experience the same answer.

People who do this are meant to be people who do not want to know the correct answer to their questions, where the magical 8-ball also chooses to give you some other answers, as that’s what you really want to hear. It is always the first answer that appears, which is correct. So if you have asked if you win in a lottery and Magic 8-ball has said you do not, do not hesitate to ask again – it was true for the first time.

Wild predictions that came true

There have been many stories of predictions that have been fulfilled, and sometimes they have been so wild that one would almost believe that there has been nothing more than just a sight. We have found 10 predictions here as we are sure that the person has used a Magic 8 ball to predict exactly.

Could the 11th September have been avoided?

Indeed, there are some who believe that the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 was foreseen. Nostradamus, a well-known philosopher and author from France, suggested that he knew at least what was going on in the future.

It must be said to those who do not know Nostradamus that he lived in the 1500’s. It was the case that he reported on a dream vision he had received and wrote something close that a city would be burned, the earth would tremble under this city. 2 fighters would be in war for many years before this event.

In addition, he also reported that this would happen in 1999 and that there would be terror from heaven.
Much of this fits very well , which actually happened in 2001. The only thing he just hit a little bit was that he said in 1999. He must have shaken his Magic 8 ball for much!

Had he already known that Hitler would come to power?

Nostadamus was a man who almost doubts that he had had a Magic 8 ball, which was as good as ours. He had warned that Hitler would come to power.

He once wrote loosely interpreted – From the depths of Western Europe, a man born of poor parents will conquer East Europe through his speech. And lastly, he calls it for the German child. This again helps to cement the thesaurus that Nostradamus certainly must have had the magical 8-ball.

No, again, dear Nostradamus was on the spot when it came to prophecies and predictions. Even World War II was too difficult to predict for our good friend.

He said that the two biggest from Europe and Asia, respectively, would be dominant and key issues during the Great War.

And if you look at both Germany and Japan, it’s hard to talk about them if you’re talking about World War II. This piece of divination toys, as someone calls it, can be very effective.

A real story about the experience of the magical 8-ball

This is a story from the United States about Tom and his experience after using the magical 8-ball. The story is told by Tom, and his story is told in my form.

It’s a landmark in my life’s progression, so I feel it’s important that I share my story with you today. It started after my parents came to a new church. The people in the church were strange people. They told my parents what food they were supposed to eat, what series they should see, and what kind of music they should listen to. So believers like my parents were they had their mistakes, but they were not always that way. In fact, they were big KISS fans.

These new church people came to our homes when they heard about how my house was full of paranormal activity. They burned all my parents KISS CDs, posters and blankets.

It was after this visit that my parents realized that they might have gone into something they would have very hard to step out of. They seemed more like it was a Christian cult than a real congregation. The church told my parents that it was not a suitable home for my sister and me before they had demolished it a time for everyone.

So my parents packed my sister and me together and sent us home to my grandmothers where we were going to spend the weekend. Based on what I understand, my parents and a spiritual cleansing went through that weekend.

The church warned my mother that it would be best to keep my sister and me out another day; They never really gave her a reason why both my parents became a bit scared. From that day on, my parents worked differently – I never really understood why. History begins now.

The meeting with the unknown

My mother and dad were sitting in the living room, which was in the front of the house. A long narrow walk and a single step separated my and my sister’s rooms from my parents. This evening did not really matter, it was the same as always. They ordered food, ate, and then watched the tv that was about supernatural phenomena in people’s homes.

When my mother recounts the story of my sister and me, she tells us that there was often some voice from the dark in the hallway.

My dad turned down for the television, but there was nothing to hear. It repeated several times. The voice said something and then silenced. Then whispered it again. My father used to go to bed where my mother was up alone to write in her diary.

n the perimeter of the eye, my mother saw me from the door of the living room, after which I whispered “what are you doing mom?” My voice was the same as it always has been. She never looked up from her diary, but could half see and hear my voice so she knew it was me. “I’m writing in my diary,” she replied.

That’s where she remembered that neither my sister nor me was home, and when she looked up what the figure she could see in her peripheral sight away. My mother shouted at my father when he arrived, she told him what had just happened about the “thing” that took shape like me . When they were sitting and trying to figure out what had happened, they heard the carpet being pulled in the hallway.

The rolling magic 8-ball

My father stood a few steps away from the door, staring intently on the floor while my mother was sitting on the couch behind him. It took just a few seconds before my 8-ball rolled in and stopped in front of my father’s feet.

My mother is not a person who is easy to scare. One spirit had gone straight through her once before and it did not even touch her. But this meeting made her afraid – for what was it in our house. It took the form of her boy first and now it could also move with things.

My dad took the ball and tried with all his cancer to smash this 8-ball with the hammer, but it would not be destroyed. It was almost like it was a magic 8-ball.

The next day they took it down to the church. These people had feared for discussion what it was like in my house and I never really understand why my parents chose to go back to them with this problem. They blessed the magic 8 ball and then threw it into the fire and then it melted. Fire seemed to be their specialty.

Next day, my sister and I were finally allowed to come back in our own home. My sister went into her room to work out and I walked in to see tv. I was still eleven and caught in the transition from child to teenager. I still had most of my toys. One of my favorite toys, was my magic 8-ball. I could tell it what I wanted most of me, no matter how inappropriate it was. I think it was really fun, even though my age was as it was.

In my closet, on top shelf, under my cats costumes, my magic eight ball was. Just where I left it. I sat down on the bed and asked if it fell in. When my mother went in to say it was time for bed she froze in the door. The 8 ball was the one who had been in church, and it was also taken every evening in the church.

Men det kom alltid tilbake i skabet, og vi visste aldri hvor den nye bollen kom fra. Hvad jeg ved, er at efter at kirken kom på banen, blev aktiviteten i huset farligere og farligere truende.

The magical 8-ball can give some extra magic to the party

Are you ready to get ready? Can you already notice that this is going to be a great day, night and night? Most people know the feeling you have when you have really enjoyed a good party.

You may have to go with your girlfriends or friends, and you have planned to go to town later. It’s a party talked about for so long and there has been no doubt that this will be memorable. You have agreed with great certainty that you will need to warm up with one before going on. It’s like here that you make a precedent for how the night will be. It is here at home that you get drunk together, laughing together and putting all the cozy atmosphere. You may have agreed that you have to cook good food together, thus laying a solid base for the rest of the evening.

You arrive at their event and you may feel that this is going to be great. You are looking forward to everyone coming and you can start eating. During the meal, the talk is perfect, everyone is happy and in a good mood. It simply can not be more perfect. Just wait – the magic 8 ball will probably take care of it, and how it does, it will happen in a while.

In order to return to history, the good atmosphere will be just as you had imagined during the dinner. But now it’s going to be difficult – now you need to maintain momentum.

The party starts with magic

Some start playing all the normal games, where you pick up some cards and then start. Others put Singstar, Fifa or something that reminiscent of it. Common to all is that you put something on what you are used to. There is nothing new. It is not even certain that it is something everyone is involved in.

You may notice that you are already beginning to feel nervous that the mood will now turn slightly. Will not it be the memorable evening and night you had imagined? Yes, it can still be. The warming party has reached a critical point and it is up to you to save it.

We know the situation! We’ve been before – we know where the pressure you can feel. Do not worry – we are of course also here to help you. That is why we have developed the magical 8-ball.

We give you the tools that you can get everyone back in the super good festive humor. This game is for everyone. There are no hard rules, techniques or anything that could complicate it for some. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen. A small dish would also be preferable.

The game is based on the fact that you each write 5-10 questions each (This can of course be regulated as desired) , which is yes or no based. These questions collapse and lay down in the little bowl. Here you will have the opportunity to play the game in several different ways. I will below give you the various ways you could play the game.

The first way – the simple yes / no method

You now have all your questions collected in a bowl. Now it’s just a matter of asking some questions for our amazing 8-ball. The way it should work is that of course you must be ready to hand out some form of punishment.

It’s such that you have to guess whether the question will be answered against yes or an answer to a no. One can possibly. just have a piece of paper with YES on one side and NO on the other hand, so that you can indicate what you expect the outcome to be.

If you are guessing the outcome, you go free, but you guess wrong, yes, you are penalized. The penalty frame is usually called a big tear of beer, drink, wine or the like or a shot. Of course, you can regulate this so that you get to something that lies within one’s normal drinking habits.

Keep in mind, it’s not about breaking people – it’s about getting a good mood while getting a lot of grin.

Should you, however, be the kind who would really like to give it a good and strong push with alcohol and like to drink his fellow citizens thoroughly and thoroughly. At the same time, one can guess who asked the question. If you guess so, the person who has asked it should also drink an extra shot. However, it is not entirely free to ask such questions. You will have to take a shot yourself if you guess wrong.

The second method

You can also ask our magic 8-ball if a specific person needs to do something. The rules for this are very simple. You simply ask whether one of the other participants should do something, and then it’s simply the mythical 8 ball that determines whether it should be done. Here you can make rules that are with or without alcohol, depending on what you are. It is undoubtedly some of the really fun party physicians that you can find here.

Magic 8-Ball is always guaranteed to provide a fun input and you will definitely be able to play other fun party games.

Use the magic 8-ball as part of a fun game

We have had several different people to write to us about what they have used such a magic 8-ball for when they’ve been playing a doctor. And there have been a lot of fun and different play, but of the play, which we actually thought was really good, was a kind of game.

The reason they ever came to the idea was that they had no cube, but all they had was a laptop. Somehow, they ended up on our side where the idea actually became. Instead of throwing a dice and trying to hit a sex, it’s just a lot easier that they asked the magic 8-ball if they needed a package. That way, you are absolutely certain that it was the way it should be.

Rules were quite straightforward simple. They should put all the packages in a pile, ask the magic 8-ball if they had to get a package, wait for the answer and if they were allowed, they would snatch a package from the pile. When this pile was empty, they set off time and then the game started.

When they got yes, they had to steal from someone else and when the clock rang, they had the packages left.

Do you have any fun games that you can use the magic 8-ball for, so please share them with us. Then it may be your play that benefits us all.