How To Correctly Ask Magic 8 Balls – (Tips and tricks!)

Sometimes (most times?) you have burning questions that require immediate answers. For such days, we turn to the Magic 8 Ball. But, when you do, how do you correctly call the spirit guide in. How do you ask for the Magic 8 Ball? You simply, but very consciously, concentrate on what you want to know, phrase the question correctly, and ask the Magic 8 Ball your burning question. Then you open your eyes, turn the ball over and read its response in the window. 

Here, try it.

Q: Is it wise to get my advice from a Magic 8-ball?
A: Without a doubt!

Set your Intention.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The trick to getting the Magic 8 Ball right is to set your intention and consciously recognize before you ask the Magic 8 Ball, like any divination tool. Afterall, Magic 8 Balls were actually inspired by a real-life clairvoyant. This fortune-telling invention is your power of foresight. But first, set your intention.

  • Understand and identify – your deepest desires, your burning queries.
  • What do you really want to know?
  • Set your intention – Very determinedly. Concentrate on what you want to ask. Concentrate on what you want.

You can shape your future yourself. If you concentrate hard enough on what you want, you can get it. Just like if you focus on your question clearly enough, you can get the answer that you really want from the Ball.

Expert tip – Set your intention. Understand. Be open. Stay conscious.

Asking the Right Question

Figure 1 – Asking the right question

Asking the right question is Step 2. Does she have a crush on me? Will I pass the test? Will the METS win the World Series? We suggest the best way to ask your Magic 8 Ball a question is to breakdown and categorise. What do you want to know? Is it about yourself or someone else? Do you want an immediate response or just something to think about? Are you ready for any prediction from the Ball or do you want to hear something very specific?

Simply put, think about the question before you go ahead and ask it.

  • Summarise your question. Know what you are asking.
  • Breakdown and Categorise – Do you want to ask about the past (what has happened already), the present (what is occurring right now), or the future (what is to happen in the coming times)? Is it a Yes/No question, or a more sweeping open question that can have a range of possible answers? Is it a question that can have only one correct answer?
  • Phrase the question correctly – Make it as simple as possible. Don’t bunch more than one question – the simpler you keep it, the easier it will be to decode your answer. Make it direct.

But, what happens next?

Expert Tip: Read the response with an open mind – The Magic 8 Ball is giving you a response that appears to be very simple and direct, but it is important to interpret it to really understand what it means, especially in the context of your question.

The creators of the Magic 8 Ball, together with Doctor Lucien Cohen, a psychology professor at the University of Cincinnati, designed this twenty-sided die to have an exact mix of these non-committal, affirmative or negative statements imprinted inraised letters.

Yes, there are a set of answers you can get for your questions, but the context of each will considerably differ. But before you begin to understand the answers themselves, lets first dive into how to ask for the Magic 8 Ball.

Tips and Tricks

What questions can you ask the Magic 8 Ball?

There are two ways to do this –

“Is the financial market about to crash?”


“What is the reason for the financial market crash”

The former question type is more of a Yes/No question. Its easier, its more direct and the answer will be easier to interpret. It will either be Yes, it will crash, or, No, it wont, or, a middle ground answer which more a maybe than yes or no.

The latter one is more of the sweeping, open-ended question type, which is definitely more indirect and harder to interpret. The response for it can be anything from

  1. As I see it, Yes, which could mean,
    1. yes, there is a reason to the financial market crash and it is what you think it is. OR
    2. Yes, there is a reason to the financial market crash but its hard to say what it is. OR
    3. Yes, the financial market will crash. The reason is unnecessary.
  2. Very doubtful, which could mean,
    1. No, the financial market will not crash hence it needs no reason.
    2. Its very doubtful that the reason for the financial market crash can be identified.
    3. The financial market will crash but the reason is very doubtful
  3. Concentrate and ask again, which could mean,
    1. The Ball is hazy, ask again
    2. You aren’t concentrating enough. Try again with more intention and conscious concentration.
    3. The prediction isn’t possible right now. Maybe later.

Yes/No Question (Type 1) vs. Open-Ended Question (Type 2)

Every question can be categorized in these two types. Let’s try sorting a few questions out to make this clearer. Pay close attention to the question formations – the clearer your intention is, the clearer the question will be and the better you will be able to let the Magic 8 Ball guide you with an appropriate answer.

Let’s look at a few examples –

Type 1
Does she love me?
Is my girlfriend cheating on me?
Does my boyfriend love me?
Will me boyfriend propose to me?
Should I invest in the latest project deal?
Can our team win the next game?
Will it rain today?
Will I be able to complete my Marathon training?
Will the weather be favourable on training day?
Should I move in with my partner?
Does my future hold anything big?
Should I accept this latest job offer?
Will I face the same problem again?
Can I motivate myself?
Do people like to be around me?
Should I accept a job offer in another city?
Will I be successful in my new business venture?
Type 2
Why does she love me?
Why is my girlfriend cheating on me?
When will my boyfriend confess his love?
When will my boyfriend propose to me?
What will the latest project deal investment mean?
How will our team win the next game?
How long will it rain today?
When will I complete my Marathon training?
What will the weather be on training day?
When should I move in with my partner?
What does my future hold for me?
Will this latest job offer be better for me?
Why do I face the same problem over and over again?
How can I motivate myself?
Why do people like to be around me?
Which city will I get the next job offer from?
Which area should I attempt my next successful business venture in?


You can ask the Magic 8 Ball anything. As long as you know what it is, and frame it intelligently, the Ball can be your answer to every burning question. Once you’ve tried it a few times, you’ll get a better grasp at the kind of questions to ask the Magic 8 Ball, and also how to interpret its huge variety of questions.


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Figure 1 – Asking the Right Question!

Figure 2 – What Questions to ask!

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